Petr Stančík: Chrujda, or Pravomil?
– Czechia

Stančík was born in Rychnov nad Kněžnou in 1968 and until 2006 was known as Odillo Stradický ze Strdic. He writes prose, poetry, books for children and young people, essays and drama and does editing work. He is a self-taught historian and didn’t complete studying theatre directing at DAMU, Prague. For a long time he made  a living as “a creator and advisor in commercial and non-commercial communication” before becoming a freelance author  with dozens of published books to his name, most recently Pravomil (2021), Praha ožralá (Pissed Prague, 2021, with R. Kopáč), Jezevec Chrujda krotí kůrovce (Chrujda the Badger Tames the Bark Beetle, 2020), H2O a pastýřové snů (H2O and the Dream Shepherds, 2019), Jezevec Chrujda zakládá pěvecký sbor netopejrů (Chrujda the Badger Sets Up the Bats’ Singing Choir, 2019), Fíla, Žofie a Smaragdová deska (Fíla, Žofie and the Emerald Pane, 2018) or H2O a poklad šíleného oka (H2O and the Treasure of the Mad Eye, 2018).