Ondřej Hübl
– Czechia

Born in Valtice in 1976, Hübl studied at the Trutnov Grammar School. He is a song- and scriptwriter and a novelist. For a long time he has been working in advertising, currently as the creative director of the communication agency Saatchi & Saatchi. With the director Miroslav Krobot he co-wrote the TV series Zkáza Dejvického divadla (The Fall of the Dejvice Theatre). In 2018 he published a collection of “politically incorrect” short stories Hod mrtvou labutí (A Dead Swan Throw). His short story “Elév” (Apprentice) has been selected for the popular anthology Krvavý Bronx (The Bloodsoaked Bronx, 2020). When asked, “Would you ever shoot an ad about Trutnov?“ he says: “I wouldn’t. Trutnov is beautiful without ads and without a flood of tourists, who always just wear everything off”.