Hana Lundiaková: Chaos is My Necessity
– Czechia

Lundiaková was born in Broumov in 1978, Hana studied Czech without completing at Charles University, Prague. She is a music performer, playing the accordion in the bands Tři sestry and Rudovous and currently goes by her stage name, Stinka (Krrrva!, 2013; Bído, čau…, 2015; Neviňátko, 2019). She writes prose: her début short story collection Vrhnout (Thrust, 2010) was followed by the novella Černý Klarus (The Black Klarus, 2012) and the novels Imago. Ty trubko! (Imago. You Fool!, 2014) and Co je ti do toho (None of Your Business, 2021). Her writing feverishly mixes up word play, stylistic experimentation, surrealist fantasy and raw sexuality. “Chaos is my vital necessity,” she says.