Dominika Moravčíková: Contrasts
– Slovakia

She was born in Strečno in 1992. She is currently a doctoral student in musicology at the Charles University. In 2019, she became the laureate of the prestigious literary award Poviedka [Short Story] and subsequently won the SK/CZ Basne [SK/CZ Poems] competition. A year later, she made her debut with a poetic collection Deti Hamelnu [Children of Hameln], which was published by Skalná ruža. Many literary critics and renowned authors consider her to be a mature young writer, for example, the writer Mila Haugová called her an “extraordinary phenomenon in the land of literature”. She earned recognition also thanks to her literary dexterity and the use of various forms, she is not afraid to write both poetry and prose. Dominika developed intensively in the company of the literary project Medziriadky and, in 2020, she completed creative residencies in Košice and Banská Štiavnica. She is currently working on her prosaic debut.