Arnošt Goldflam
– Czechia

Born in Brno in 1946, Goldflam studied medicine without completing, worked in a number of manual jobs before completing Theatre Directing at JAMU in Brno. He is a theatre and film actor and director. He writes short stories, children’s stories, dramatic texts, and also works in TV and radio. He has published some thirty books, most recently Hlavně o mamince (Mainly about Mum, 2021). When asked, “Do you have your favourite Jewish anecdote?” he says: “A rich banker is descending a wide flight of stairs, and there is a beggar kneeling under them. As the banker passes, the beggar reaches out his hand asking for alms: ‘Please, I haven’t put anything in my mouth for days.’ The rich banker replies: ‘Sir, one’s got to force oneself to it!’”